Our Tracking Service

Global Trackers offer GPS Tracking devices which are pre-configured to work on our state of the art GPS Tracking Software: GPS-platform allows you to view the location of your vehicle or asset, anywhere in the world in real time from your Computer or Mobile Device. iOS and Android supported.
Our tracking solutions can be tailor made to fit individual use as well as for businesses with fleet vehicles. We offer a range of tracking devices to suit your individual needs.
Our online tracking service is a great way to recover stolen assets should the need arise. Additionally, our service is perfect for management of contractors or employees, being able to monitor their locations using multiple devices.
Each device that is being tracked using our service requires its own subscription. These can be purchased separately or jointly with devices in our shop.

Our Devices

GPS tracking device straight out-of-the-box, M2M tracking data SIM and subscription to GPS-Platform.
After installing your tracking device, your tracker will automatically start tracking its position and speed, along with many other useful parameters to our cloud based GPS Tracking software, GPS-Platform. You can access GPS-Platform from any PC, Smartphone, Tablet, or other web enabled device anytime to access telematics data about your vehicle. There is no need to install anything to your computer, everything is pre-configured and cloud based at gps-platform.co.uk.

Integrated GNSS module

GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System. Unlike the first generation of trackers which could only use the GPS (USA) satellite system, GNSS enabled devices are able to access multiple systems such as GPS and GLONASS. The advantages of having access to multiple satellite systems are increased location accuracy and satellite connection speed. Despite their compact size and ease of use, our devices have an integrated GNSS module, which make them one of the most advanced GPS tracking devices.

State-of-the-art tracking platform

GPS-Platform is cloud-based GPS tracking software engineered to meet the highest demands of individual users and small businesses to enterprise level fleets without compromising ease of use. There is no need to install any software or maps – everything is stored on our cloud tracking platform which can be accessed from any internet enabled device. The location of your trackers on the map are real time and refreshed automatically each time it sends a position update. The user interface, clear structure and easy access to location, events and reports make GPS-Platform user-friendly. View your assets location live, using your tablet or smartphone if you’re outside the home or office.